Our Services

Below is a list of QTC's field specialties - however, this list is not meant to be exclusive.

  • New Site Builds

    QTC builds sites from the ground up from site preparation and civil work to building placement, site integrity and appearance.

      • Road construction / asphalt
      • Concrete foundations for tower, equipment & shelter
      • Underground or overhead utility
      • Tower erection
      • Grounding systems
      • Fencing & CMU walls
      • Generator Installation
      • Landscaping
  • QTC Fabrication shop

    QTC structural steel and fabrication shop provides:

    • Structural steel fabrication and erection
    • Miscellaneous steel fabrication
    • Welding services for ferrous and non-ferrous materials
    • Material forming




  • Tower & Antenna Work

    As a specialty contractor, QTC has staff certified and trained to climb towers for various functions.

      • Fiber and Telco
      • Tower modifications
      • Tower structural upgrades
      • Antenna system testing & troubleshooting
      • Preventative maintenance
      • Antenna mount, antenna coax & installation
      • Antenna adjustments for optimum system performance
      • Microwave installation
      • Microwave path alignment
      • Waveguide cable replacement
      • Stealthing structures
  • Performance or RSSI Trouble Shooting

    QTC owns and operates Sweep, PIM, Fiber, and RET gear allowing for on-site testing and verification of coax and antenna systems as well as programming and adjusting electrical down tilts. Testing new site builds, troubleshooting, upgrades, to setting and altering remote electric tilt systems.
    • Anritsu Sitemaster
    • Anritsu PIM Master
    • Kaelus PIM Analyzer
    • Exfo FTB platform Fiber Test Gear
    • Anritsu ACCESS Master Fiber Test Gear
    • Andrew ATC200-Lite-USB RET controller

  • Emergency / Disaster Relief

    QTC has assisted with C.O.W / C.O.L.T. deployment and temporary microwave links due to T1 outage or temporary line diplexers to improve service.

  • General Repair & Maintenance

    In addition to new site builds or upgrading existing sites, QTC also performs a variety of maintenance on towers and lease areas.

      • Improving access roads, fences, shelter doors, roofs, tower or tower mounts
      • Tower light bulbs and lighting systems
      • Replacing or repairing GPS antenna
      • Replacing or repairing ice bridge or cable tray
      • Tower painting
      • Theft replacement - copper & grounding theft
      • Replacing conductor for stolen power feed
      • Demolition - removal of antenna, coax, tower or generator
      • Utility conduit relocation
  • Sample Project: Green Acres