QTC’s Steel Division

Focus – Drive – Results

QTC’s Steel Division is committed entirely to the wireless industry. We employ a highly skilled Team with one goal; provide supporting service to bring our customers projects to new heights.​

  • Sometimes to reach new heights our services start in the ground. We offer Micropile, drilled pier and mat foundation installations. Upon firm foundations we offer base plate, leg, and shaft reinforcements. We have a Team of dedicated mechanical installers that will drill, bolt and weld to exacting standards. We have a specialty fabrication shop and build all of our parts in house. This reduces the lead time and creates the power to expedite and meet our customers requirements and commitments. Finally we fabricate and install Monopole and Self Support Tower extensions to allow Tower Owners the flexibility of adding additional carriers on existing assets. Thinking a bit smaller scale? Perfect, we are too. We build custom mounts for small cell applications and offer field services to modify light poles and other structures to support your install. We also offer roof top platform fabrication and installation. Our experienced Crews have completed hundreds of intricate roof top installations involving various levels of building reinforcement and attachment.

  • We are your Steel Team, we are here for you and will always find a way to get the job done correctly, timely and in a safe manner.

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